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Loading Points :

Drivers make out an ESAR delivery note for each load which reflects the customer’s delivery document numbers and a list of goods.

Operations :

All loads are tracked and strictly controlled and monitored by the ESAR operations team.

Regular updates are given to customers.

Drivers are debriefed after every trip and all documents are cross-checked for any discrepancies.

There is constant communication between the drivers, operations and admin to ensure that any issues are identified and handled as a matter of urgency.

Delivery Points :

Customers sign the documents and drivers return to ESAR with one set of original documents.


Documents are checked for completeness and our team ensures that each document is signed and/or stamped as per requirements.

Documents are processed for manual pricing.

Documents are scanned and saved on ESAR’s system.

An invoice is produced and e-mailed to the customer along with PODs.

The original invoice plus the original proof of delivery is sent to the customer via courier or it is hand-delivered.